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My name is Salami and my sibling Kielbasa and I are terrier/dachshund puppies looking for our forever homes.  We are about 3 months old and full of life! Applications will be taken through noon Friday, May 18 so call the office soon if you are interested in giving one of us a great home. Please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

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Adoption Successes!

A few of our great pets are now featured on the website.  

The Mobile SPCA has placed some really great pets into wonderful homes. To celebrate, we have featured some of them on our website photo gallery. If you have adopted from us and would like your pet featured, please send your photos along with short cutlines and we'll get them on. We'd love to see our dogs and cats in their new, forever homes!  See our photo gallery. 

Special Needs Princess
 By Marcia Mathis

One morning the folks at Prichard Animal Shelter showed up to work and found two little surprises waiting for them.  Tied to a fence were two Chihuahuas, likely brother and sister, and they'd spent the night there all alone.  But things got better quickly when the Mobile SPCA was called to help and that's how Purdy and Purvis ended up with us.

Time would eventually give us the bad news that Purdy was born with a hole in her heart.  What that would mean for her life ahead was unknown.  But we had to hope that she would find a family who would love her totally during the span of her life, however long that might be.  And so Purdy was listed as a "special needs" dog, even knowing that such a label would surely limit the number of potential adopters.

Melanie Landry and Fred Meyer are physicians and animal lovers.  Our Director, Janine Woods, knew them and hoped that they might have contacts with veterinary specialists who might be able to help Purdy. And that they might find a place in their home for just one more.  And they did!
"Although we weren't looking for another dog, we knew that we could handle the care and expense of such a sweet girl," Melanie told us.  

"I made arrangements for an echo at LVRC before picking her up on July 31,2012.  I took her to LSU Vet School two weeks later for evaluation and surgical repair of her PDA."

And just like that, a miracle had occurred for this little abandoned, special needs pup, thanks to the Melaine and Fred.  They healed her heart and they made her part of their family.

"Purdy (now named Lola) walked right in and acted like she had lived with us for years. She fit right into the pack, played with her siblings and never had an argument with anyone. She had some potty training issues but we always have dog friendly floors so it wasn't much of a problem. She's better now but still likes to mark her brother Bo's bed!"

"My husband and I love animals (it was a non-negotiable attribute in a spouse!). We don't have children so our pets are our family.  They sleep with us, go on trips with us and generally "rule our lives". We currently have four dogs.  Barkley is our ten-year-old Chihuahua mix, Bo is five and also a Chihuahua, Franki, a Boston/Pug mix, is our baby, and now of course there's Lola."

"Our entire family has pets . . . my parents, brothers, aunts . . . and most are rescues.  We all agree that we will take in any "family" pet if the owner can't handle it."

Now that Lola's heart is strong, she loves to play with Franki - wrestling, chasing squirrels, catching bugs. 

"Lola is very curious so she follows me everywhere, including the pantry where she has been closed in until I hear her scratching. She will also pretend to be injured if the play gets rough and she wants sympathy and a cuddle. The only thing she doesn't seem to like is sleeping late.  Five AM seems to be good for her! Sleeping during the day must limit her need for PM sleep."

Free weekends are spent at the Landry/Meyer home in Louisiana.  They load up all the dogs who enjoy playing in the large backyard and have a great time visiting with family and their "cousins".  Lola's favorite is Melanie's aunt's dog Mi-Ki who is a five-pounder and as lively as she is.

When we fall in love with an animal we deal with their imperfections, their illnesses and issues, because they are our family.  And just like people, some are born healthy and some are not so lucky.

"We have had our share of pet illnesses requiring costly treatments (several types of cancer, allergies, orthopedic abnormalities, GI problems, cardiac issues) . . . our vet said we seemed to get all the "problem" pets but they were lucky because she knew we would do everything we could to help them.  This time we knew there was a problem initially so instead of being surprised we walked right into it...and we'd do it again."

"We're just suckers for a sweet face."

From Dumpster to Diva!
I recently received this e-mail I want to share with you:

Dear Janine,

In December of the year 1999 a very small kitten was found near death in a dumpster somewhere in Mobile and rescued by the garbage collectors and then brought to the Mobile SPCA. She was named "Dumpy" because of the circumstances of her finding. I adopted her in January of 2000 and counting backward from her surmised age at the time, discovered that she was probably born on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas on December 6th - so she surely was a special gift! Furthermore, I decided that "Dumpy" was no proper name for a little girl and given the approaching Mardi Gras season, I renamed her "Mardi Gras"!      

Mardi Gras came to me with a host of physical ailments that I faithfully treated her for and eventually nursed her into becoming a healthy cat. I lived on Bienville Square and gave many parties during the Mardi Gras season: the hit of every party was the appearance of Mardi Gras the kitten decked out in her finest Mardi Gras bead collar! She loved all the attention and decorations (especially the beads) and all the festivities of the season, which she figured were named after her (I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was actually the other way around!)      

When I relocated to the Los Angeles, California area in 2002 young Mardi Gras learned to become a California girl, though her name always gave away her Gulf Coast roots. Mardi Gras beads remain her toys of choice to this day! She has delighted in observing Mardi Gras in California. I am attaching a photo of her on Mardi Gras Day wearing her "Wilma Flintstone" bead necklace. Now she is entering her senior years comfortably living with me in a lovely home in the Hollywood Hills. I periodically remind her, "You've come a long way, girl, from the Mobile, AL dumpster!"       

This year she was diagnosed with feline diabetes and I must inject her with insulin twice a day. She is responding well and seems healthy and happy as ever. I took care of all her infirmities as a kitten and I now I am caring for her senior health issues. By all rights she should have died in the dumpster in December 1999 but because of her rescue and early care by the Mobile SPCA and my finding her through your organization, Mardi Gras will live out her years with love and care in pleasant surroundings in Hollywood, CA.     

I thought you might like to know about Mardi Gras as a success story of your good work.   

With best wishes, sincerely,   
Mark Stuart

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