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My name is Salami and my sibling Kielbasa and I are terrier/dachshund puppies looking for our forever homes.  We are about 3 months old and full of life! Applications will be taken through noon Friday, May 18 so call the office soon if you are interested in giving one of us a great home. Please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

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Listing Your Pet on

The Mobile SPCA is located in Mobile, Alabama. If you are not in our area, please look for a group in your geographic area to list the pet for you.

If you have a pet for adoption and live in the Mobile, Alabama area and would like your pet listed on our site, your pet will need the following:

  • Rabies vaccination
  • Must be in good health
  • No history of aggressive or biting behavior
  • If they are already spayed or neutered they have a better chance of finding a home!

If your pet meets all of the requirements above, you must:

  • Email up to three digital photos (jpeg) of your pet to
  • Download, COMPLETE and EMAIL the Courtesy Listing Info form
  • Email a descriptive paragraph typed exactly as you want it to appear on the website
  • Please put "COURTESY LISTING" in the email subject line. I get hundreds of emails everyday and if COURTESY LISTING is not in the subject line I can easily miss the email and your pet may miss a chance at a home.
The following information will be needed:
  • Pet's Name
  • Species — pick dog or cat
  • Primary Breed
  • Secondary Breed
  • Is it mixed breed or pure-breed?
  • Gender— pick male or female
  • Size when grown — pick small, medium, large, extra large
  • Age — pick baby, young, adult, senior
  • Is it housetrained?
  • Is it fixed?
  • Is it current on vaccinations?
  • Does it need a home without other dogs? 
  • Does it need a home without other cats? 
  • Does it need a home without young children? 
  • Why are your re-homing this pet?
  • Write a descriptive paragraph about your pet. Really sell the pet. What are his or her great qualities? Why are your re-homing the pet? Any endearing habits? And likes and dislikes? Can it do any tricks? 

We must have a good photo of your pet and you must supply the above information in order for us to place your pet on

All people calling about pets on the website are referred to the current pet owner for final approval and placement. The pet owner and new owner make all arrangements on transferring pets, etc.

Your pet will be listed for free for three months. If the pet is re-homed or leaves your possession for any reason, PLEASE DO US THE COURTESY OF LETTING US KNOW SO WE CAN REMOVE IT FROM THE WEBSITE. All inquiries will be referred to you; the Mobile SPCA does not screen or require an application for "courtesy listing" animals. It is the responsibility of the owner to determine the best home for their pet.

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Science Diet

All pets adopted through
the Mobile SPCA recieve a
free bag of Science Diet Food.
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