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My name is Cheryl and while I admit I can be grumpy at times, when I learn to trust you I will beg to be petted and lick your hand.  I'm nine years old and I was adopted from the SPCA when I was a kitten. When my owner died someone  brought me back to the SPCA and I have just been aching to get to my new "furever" home ever since. When I first arrived I really had to show the people at the SPCA who was boss but now I have chilled out and they can give me love and kisses. I don't like other cats too much but I can tolerate those slobbering dogs pretty well. I am independent and won't miss you much when you are gone but I'll climb on the couch with you when you get home and let you rub my ears and pet and brush me. I am a beautiful tuxedo kitty and my best feature is the tiny white tip and the end of my long black tail. Won't you give this middle-aged lady a home? If you are interested in Cheryl or any of our grumpy and lovey cats and dogs please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

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The Mobile SPCA requires that you provide your pet with annual veterinarian visits, full set of vaccinations and inoculations recommended by your veterinarian and as required by law, and, to provide your pet with other veterinary care as needed. It is further required that you:

  • maintain your dog in a fenced yard
  • maintain your cat inside the house

Our Adoption Policy

You must meet and agree to certain terms and conditions before adopting a pet from the Mobile SPCA:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • If you live in an apartment you must have paid any additional security fees and you must be willing to pay any additional rent.
  • If this pet does not work out, you must return it to the Mobile SPCA. If you return the pet within one week you will receive a partial refund of your adoption fee. The pet may be returned at any time after one week but fees are not refunded. Vet records and tags must be returned or a $25 replacement fee will be charged.
  • Cat and kittens must be taken home in a plastic or cardboard carrier.
  • We do not adopt out dogs as guard dogs or "yard" dogs.
  • We do not release any animals to research facilities.
  • You must have the proper facilities to maintain and contain your pet before placement.
  • We do not adopt out animals as gifts. You may purchase a gift certificate*.
  • All resident pets need to have current veterinary care and be spayed or neutered.
  • We ask that you take your new pet for a veterinary check within 5 working days.
  • A vet reference, vet check and/or a home visit may be required.

We do accept Pet Adoption Applications from out of state with a vet reference. We do not use commercial transportation of any of our animals. Any animal adopted from us by an out of state adopter must be transported by the adopter. Normal adoption and return policies apply.

Why do we ask that you fill out a Pet Adoption Application before you can see any of our pets for adoption?

Since it is our goal to make sure every pet we place goes into a home best suited for its needs and the adopter gets the pet that best fits their lifestyle we need to know a little bit about you. The information on the application helps us get to know you and understand your home environment, whether there are other pets in the home, children, etc. These are important factors to see how to best match one of our pets to your individual situation. You wouldn't want a huge active Lab puppy if your lifestyle is better suited for a calmer companion who was fine being alone indoors all days while you were at work.

The application also provides us with a history of your pets. Do you have a fenced yard? Are your pets vaccinations current? Are they taking flea and heartworm preventative? Are they a member of your family, a companion, kept in the yard? These are all important details that help us understand more about you and what kind of pet guardian you would be for one of our adoptable animals. We want to make sure it is a "win-win" situation for both the adopter and the pet!

If you would like to complete an application for adoption, please see our Forms & Applications page.

*Recipients of adoption gift certificates must complete an application and qualify before adoption.

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