My name is Salami and my sibling Kielbasa and I are terrier/dachshund puppies looking for our forever homes.  We are about 3 months old and full of life! Applications will be taken through noon Friday, May 18 so call the office soon if you are interested in giving one of us a great home. Please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

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Don't forget we
recycle for cash!

Please bag up your aluminum and drop it by the office. Our own Mr. Roy crushes all the donated aluminum and bags it up for recycle. In 2014 he has crushed a whopping 3,341 pounds of aluminum and raised $2,461 — that aluminum means cash to buy supplies for the animals. We also recycle cell phones, old electric cords, Christmas lights, brass, copper, gold, silver and ink cartridges.


Finance pet treatment with Vetary and give back to our pet shelter!

Adult Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in the Mobile SPCA! We'd love to have you join our group. If you would like to become a volunteer please download the volunteer application or click here to complete it online and submit it. If you would like to become a member, visit the DONATE page or mail you membership to the Mobile SPCA, 620 Zeigler Cir W, Mobile, AL 36608. Please give us a call or email spca@mobilespca.org if you have any questions, concerns, comments or ideas.

As a member of the community, you are probably aware of the many projects and events that the Mobile SPCA sponsors throughout the year. We are inviting you to get involved in one of these special events or an on-going committee. Not only is it rewarding to watch an event or program grow from conception to fruition, it is very satisfying to see the difference your contribution can make in the lives of animals in our care. Programs and projects include an aggressive adoption program, spay-neuter assistance, nursing home visitation, fostering and numerous other projects. Remember the special skills, talents, business and social contacts that you have that may help further these worthy programs.

As a volunteer for the Mobile SPCA, you have many opportunities open to you. This page gives you an overview of the different committees and projects that you may volunteer for. Volunteers are encouraged to choose more than one committee. Please read through each listing and determine which are right for you. Keep in mind the length of service, type of event or project, time of the year, etc.

Our contact with our volunteers is through email notification. This speeds up the process of scheduling volunteers for events and allows volunteers the option of replying or not. We don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable about not being able to work an event. We will update you on things that happen at the Mobile SPCA office but we will not share your email address with anyone else. If you do not have email but are truly interested in volunteering, please watch our website for upcoming events.

All volunteers will be asked to sign a waiver/release that they understand and take responsibility for any accidents or injuries that might occur during volunteer times. You may do this at your first volunteer event.

Thank you for your interest in the Mobile SPCA. We hope that this will be both an exciting and rewarding experience for all or us!

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Adoption Clinics – Volunteers are needed to assist with off-site adoption clinics by meeting the public, handling and showing animals for adoption, keeping cages clean, walking the dogs and transporting animals.
  • Baking / Cooking - Volunteers are needed to bake or cook for bake sale tables, dinners and events.
  • Corporate Solicitations - We know that there are big corporations that will give donations of money or goods to charitable organizations. We need volunteers that can make these contacts.
  • Fostering  - We need volunteers that can foster animals for short periods of time. No sick animals will be put in anyone’s care without their knowledge and you will not be abandoned with that animal. Needs are especially great during the Spring kitten and puppy season.
  • Fund Raising / Special Events - Planning and implementing new and annual fund raising projects such as the Spay-ghetti Dinner and Putt for Mutts. 
  • Grounds And Maintenance - Help with the flower beds, lawn mowing, painting, minor repair and other projects to keep our facility in shape.
  • Kennel Help - We need volunteers that can come in the mornings and evenings, weekdays and weekend, to feed, water, clean and socialize.
  • Nursing Home Visits - This program takes pets to nursing homes and convalescent homes for interaction with patients and residents. As a volunteer you would bring your pet and interact with the nursing home residents.
  • Office Work - Assist our office staff with various duties including telephone duty, computer input, etc.
  • Petsmart Cat Cleaners - Volunteers are needed to clean cages, feed, water and play with the cats available for adoption.
  • Public Speaking - Occasionally we need volunteers that are available to make speeches and presentations to civic and non-profit groups.
  • Raffles / Door Prizes - We need volunteers who can solicit businesses for donations of raffle items and door prizes.
  • Resale Shop - Like to plunder and sort through rummage? Want to arrange store merchandise and displays? Pick any day to volunteer - once a week, twice a month, whatever suits you. Hours are flexible. No need to dress up - jeans/shorts and a t-shirt are fine.
  • Rummage Sale - Volunteer opportunities include sorting and pricing rummage year-round, setting up before the sale and working the days of the sale.
  • Rummage Pickup - Volunteers with trucks and muscles are needed to pick rummage year round. You must coordinate with the donor, pick up rummage and deliver it to the MSPCA office. 
  • Saturday Volunteers - Volunteers are needed to work in the office on Saturday with duties that include everything from answering the telephone to socializing animals.
  • Spay/Neuter Committee - Volunteers are needed to man the spay/neuter booth at many different venues and talk to people about and encourage spay/neuter.

Teen Volunteer Program

The Mobile SPCA recognizes the importance of educating our youth on animal welfare issues. As such, youth volunteers 14 - 18 are welcome and now able to volunteer! Through volunteering with the Mobile SPCA, teens learn that one person can make a positive impact on the world around them. Teens will get to see first hand how their compassion and dedication can change lives. Participating teens will determine their commitment to the organization without any obligation.

Parents must complete a volunteer application for all youths between 14 and 18 years of age. Additionally, parents and teens must sign a code of conduct agreement specifying that the youth volunteer will behave according to MSPCA standards. Parents will also sign a waiver/release that they understand and take responsibility for any accidents or injuries that might occur during volunteer times. All forms must be signed before participation.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum age requirement is 14 years.
  • Parental permission required.
  • Supervising adult over the age of 25 must work with you at all times.
  • Must be physically and emotionally capable of caring for animals of all sizes.
  • Must have prior pet experience! You must either have owned a pet, currently own a pet, or have worked with pets, i.e., pet sitting or dog walking.
  • $10 donation required to cover cost of a volunteer t-shirt.
  • Membership is encouraged.


What does a teen have to gain by volunteering?

  • A feeling of gratification knowing they gave their own time to make a better life for a pet in need.
  • Those who are unable to have pets in their own homes will have time that they can spend with a pet in the program, whether it be an afternoon in the park or helping bathe the pet before adoption.
  • Learn leadership skills by developing new programs, such as a fundraiser or humane education lecture to be presented at their school.
  • Become a mentor to a younger child through example.
  • Accumulate needed community service hours for graduation.
  • Receive letters of recommendation from Mobile SPCA when applying to colleges.

Code of Conduct:

  • I will respect all adult volunteers.
  • I will respect my fellow teen volunteers.
  • I will set a good example for other teen volunteers by behaving respectfully.
  • I will talk with a Mobile SPCA adult volunteer about any problems I observe or concerns I may have.
  • I will embrace the inclusion of all teen volunteers, regardless of their age, grade, gender, etc…


  • Please wear jeans or pants and a shirt with sleeves (sleeveless shirts and shorts are permitted during warm weather but be aware that dogs jump and scratch bare legs and arms). No "Daisy Duke" shorts are ever permitted.
  • T-shirts must not contain any inappropriate messages or graphics. MSPCA volunteers must wear a purple volunteer T-shirt at all MSPCA events (available for purchase for $10 each).
  • No low cut shirts, crop tops or low riding jeans that show skin at the waist are permitted.
  • Sturdy shoes covering the entire foot are required. Flip-flops, sandals, clogs, and open-toe shoes are not acceptable.
  • For safety reasons, any member that comes with the wrong clothes will not be allowed to spend time with the animals.


  • Friendly, respectable and helpful language is always welcome.
  • Rude, disrespectful or profane language or gestures are not allowed.

Personal Boundaries:

  • There will be no exchange affectionate overtures with your romantic interest.
  • Members are to respect each other's personal space. Anybody that touches another person in an inappropriate way will be asked to leave.


  • I-pods, MP3 players or other electronic devices may not be used
  • Turn cell phones to vibrate while volunteering. Please restrict personal phone calls and texting while volunteering.
  • Do not text or talk on the phone while handling our pets.


  • Do not engage in any inappropriate behavior while on MSPCA property or at a MSPCA event.
  • Underage smoking, taking drugs, drinking or bringing alcohol or any illegal substances on MSPCA property is forbidden. Conversation about use/abuse of these items is inappropriate.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the building, around the animals or near people who don't smoke.
  • Be self-controlled, reasonably quiet and non-disruptive.
  • Be polite and respectful to staff, customers and fellow volunteers and their property.
  • Set a good example for other volunteers by behaving respectfully.
  • Understand that the Board of Directors holds all volunteers as important and encourages everyone to communicate all ideas, concerns or problems directly to senior staff.
  • Embrace the inclusion of all volunteers, regardless of their age, grade, gender, etc.
  • Uphold confidentiality in dealing with customer information and the MSPCA
  • Promote and present MSPCA in a positive, professional manner, both in communication and presentation, verbally or through social media and emails.
  • Do not engage in horseplay.
  • Do not intentionally make or leave messes for others to clean up.
  • Do not talk or cause distractions when other volunteers are speaking to the group, potential adopters, etc.
  • Do not interrupt or "chime in" while MSPCA staff or adult volunteers screen a potential adopters


  • Treat all animals in a humane, compassionate manner and ensure their safety at all times.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Youth volunteers may participate in volunteer opportunities such as adoption days, outdoor events, fundraising, grooming, dog walking, and humane education. Parents and supervising adults will accompany their minor children and participate in all volunteer activities. The Presidential Service Award and other Mobile SPCA volunteer awards are presented at the annual Volunteer Dinner. Presidential Service Awards require a minimum of 100 hours service during the calendar year.

Service Hours:

Youth volunteering for community service hours are required to track their own hours and provide any documentation that needs to be signed to the volunteer coordinator upon completion of their volunteer service.

Please complete the application, waiver, and code of conduct if you would like to volunteer. A MSPCA volunteer will contact you once the application is received. Please email questions to spca@mobilespca.org.

I understand that participating in volunteer activities with the Mobile SPCA is a privilege. I vow to conduct myself as explained above. I understand that if I am behaving inappropriately on a continual basis, I may be asked to leave an event early, miss an event or two, or leave the group all together.

Children under 14

While children under 14 are not able to volunteer hands-on there are still plenty of things that they can do to help the Mobile SPCA animals — bake sales, aluminum collections, towel or food drive — download the suggestion sheet or give us a call.


Heather and Steven Morris

The Mobile SPCA is fortunate to be able to showcase many of our adoptable cats and kittens at PetSmart on Airport Boulevard.  The cats who are rotated periodically get to enjoy higher visibility which increases their chances for adoption.


But taking care of them is not PetSmart's responsibility...it falls on the shoulders of the MSPCA to assure their living quarters are always clean, that the kitties have fresh food and water and a little play time outside their kennels.  It's a job with a lot of responsibility every day and we are thankful that we have a number of great volunteers who make the effort on a regular basis.


Two of our PetSmart cat cleaners are Heather and Steven Morris and they are especially dedicated because they've been tending our kitties for three years non-stop!


It all started back in September, 2008, when the Morris' saw an advertisement for a Sunday cat cleaner posted at Luv-A-Pet.

"We figured finding someone reliable to take care of the kitties on a Sunday was pretty difficult considering most people have other things they have to do and can't always make time on the weekends.  We also love cats and since we can't exactly adopt every single homeless cat that's out there, we felt like we needed to do something else to help them in any way we could, so what better thing to do than volunteer our time taking care of them?"


And take care of them they have!  We've had a lot of volunteers who have helped at PetSmart over the years but few have been as faithful for as long as Heather and Steven.


The Morris' both graduated from the University of South Alabama here in Mobile where they have lived  for a little over 3 1/2 years after graduating.  Married for four years, they adopted their very first kitty from PetSmart as a three month old tortie kitten who they named Mitzi.  Since then, they have added to their furry family and now have a total of four including: Moe, an asthmatic gray and white tabby, and Punchy and Rosie, two twin ginger tabby kittens.

"We always try to spend time with each kitty, showering them with the love and attention they deserve, but we especially try to spend extra time with the very shy, anxious kitties who are new to the adoption environment. It's always great to see them if they're there the following Sunday and have them respond to us in a more outgoing manner. It feels like we were able to bring them out of their shell and give them an even better chance for a speedy adoption."


Thank you Heather and Steven for the fantastic job you've done for the Mobile SPCA and the happiness that you've brought into the lives of so many of our adoptable cats and kittens over the years. 


There are countless volunteer opportunities available.  If you'd like to help in any capacity, please call the office at 633-3531.  The efforts of volunteers like Heather and Steven are what allows the MSPCA to exist and we thank every one of you who do so much for our dogs and cats.

Maddie's Fund

Mobile SPCA is a
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helping to achieve a
no-kill nation #ThanksToMaddie.


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