Our mission is to provide compassionate care, shelter, food, and medical attention to the animals entrusted to us while promoting adoptions, spay and neuter initiatives, responsible pet ownership and community education.

Volunteer Dinner

May 7 - 5:30 pm - Mobile SPCA Office

Our annual volunteer dinner will be held on May 7 at the Mobile SPCA office at 5:30 pm. Ted Taylor will be making his delicious pulled pork and the staff will be making all of the side dishes and desserts. Please let me know you are coming so we'll have plenty of food! If you have any dietary restrictions please let me know asap so everyone will go home stuffed and happy!


Dog Washers Needed

Friday, May 1

We need volunteers to bathe dogs before the next PetSmart adoption (May 2). If you can help please let me know. We love our volunteers but please be sure to tells you are coming so we have enough bathers but not too many! We don't want anyone to come and not have something to do because they probably won't come the next time! 


PetSmart Adoption this weekend!

Set up at 9; adoption starts at 10


We need volunteers to set up, work the adoption and break down around 2:30. Please let me know if you can help. I will only bring as many dogs as we have volunteers so it is imperative that you let me know you are coming. We don't want anyone to come and not have something to do because they probably won't come the next time! Nor do we want more dogs than the volunteers can handle. 


Shoes for rescues

We need your shoes but not for chews!

We are collecting gently worn shoes to help support micro enterprise programs in Haiti. Our second hand shoes are donated to WoofTrax who sends them to impoverished countries where they can repurpose and sell them. And to help our rescued cats and dogs WoofTrax will donate $1,000 to the Mobile SPCA if we collect at least 2,500 pairs of shoes.

Please clean out your closets! WoofTrax accepts all GENTLY WORN and REPAIRABLE SHOES including slippers and flip-flops. 

Can you put out a donation box at your business? Or be one of our drop-off locations? Get your co-workers, family and neighbors collecting, too?

We will be collecting now through July 31. Shoe can be delivered to the Mobile SPCA office or if you have at leas
t 100 pairs we will come and pick them up! Please contact Peggy for more details.

Kids aching for a pet? Foster one!

We need people who can foster puppies and kittens, dogs and cats. 

Summer is almost here and puppy and kitten season is upon us. Kids are getting out of school and are already clambering for a pet. We always want you to adopt but if you just don't have time for a pet right now just foster one (or several)!

 The Mobile SPCA relies on foster homes to house and provide temporary care for the dogs and cats almost ready for our adoption or transport programs. Foster homes are an absolutely vital part of saving lives; every animal you foster is a life saved.


We are always here for you providing all necessary veterinary care, food and crates for your foster animal. We are transporting about every three weeks so we need homes to keep puppies healthy and happy until they leave for up north. No special expertise is required to foster. Just a little extra time, a little extra space and a great big heart.


Call us for more information or fill out a foster application today.

The Cat Portal Project

Housing matters. It matters from the first minute a cat enters our care.

As a shelter cat she has lost just about everything: familiar surroundings, family, and freedom.  Housing in the shelter will determine whether, in this new environment, at this most vulnerable time in her life, she can find comfort in a soft surface to sleep on; defecate and urinate without soiling her food and water; relax at full body length; stretch her agile body; and even take a few steps or play with a toy.


Even more importantly, we now know shelter cat housing has profound effects even beyond these simple comforts. Proper housing from intake onwards profoundly influences health and behavior. UC Davis studied over 40 possible risk factors for feline upper respiratory infection (URI) at 9 shelters across North America over the course of a year. The results were dramatic: independent of the intake numbers, the risk for URI varied more than 50 fold. The most important factor?  It was simply space: more than 9 square feet of floor space, and a two compartment cage that permitted daily care without moving the cat to a new cage during the critical first week of care.


Upper respiratory infection in shelter cats is strongly associated with feline herpesvirus infection, and herpes is specifically activated by stress. Building on the discovery that larger, compartmentalized housing was associated with decreased risk for URI, UC Davis compared stress levels in cats in 2-compartment cages with more than 8 square feet of floor space, with levels in cats housed in traditional 2’ by 2’ single cages. The results were dramatic and poignant: on average, cats in the larger cages reached a “relaxed” behavioral score by day 2, while cats in the smaller cages hadn’t reached that level even after a full week in the shelter. Adapting quickly to the shelter not only means happier cats – it means cats moving on to homes sooner and more lives saved over time.


Understandably, many worry that housing fewer cats in larger cages will translate to saving fewer lives. Fortunately, better housing means less illness, quicker behavioral adaptation, and often - much to everyone’s surprise – an increase in the number of lives saved!


And for those times when we get in a crunch, whether for a hoarding case, getting ready for a mega-adoption event, or just hitting a bad patch in kitten season, portals can be installed that allow flexibility by closing doors temporarily serving to increase capacity when absolutely needed for the short term.  

The Mobile SPCA has launched our own Portal Project hoping to raise $6,000 to convert all of our cat cages in our clinic to two compartment cages giving each cat a living room and a powder room. Please donate today! 



My name is Reese and I was transferred from the county shelter with my mom and littermates.  I was adopted as a puppy and now my owners can no longer keep me because they had to move into an apartment and did not take me.  My favorite game is Tug of War and I love to run like the wind! I play well with other dogs.  I love getting a bath. I am very smart and eager to learn. I am a great dog and would make the perfect family pet or a running buddy. I am also housetrained. I am a retrieve / blue heeler mix and my coat is extra soft and thick - perfect for sinking your fingers in. If you are interested in Reese or any of our other great cats and dogs please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

pet adoption application >>

Don't forget we
recycle for cash!

Please bag up your aluminum and drop it by the office. Our own Mr. Roy crushes all the donated aluminum and bags it up for recycle. In 2014 he has crushed a whopping 3,341 pounds of aluminum and raised $2,461 — that aluminum means cash to buy supplies for the animals. We also recycle cell phones, old electric cords, Christmas lights, brass, copper, gold, silver and ink cartridges.

Maddie's Fund

Pinebrook Shopping Center
3980 Airport Boulevard
Open 7 days a week
(251) 343-2227

Science Diet

All pets adopted through
the Mobile SPCA recieve a
free bag of Science Diet Food.
Contact office for details.