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PetSmart Adoption Saturday July 16

Petsmart Adoption ~ July 16 * 10 am

Because of the July 4th Holiday we will not be back at PetSmart for our regular dog adoption until July 16. We will need volunteers to set up at 9, work the adoption and break down around 2:00. Please let me know closer to the event if you can help. We will only bring as many dogs as we have volunteers so it is imperative that you let me know you are coming. We don't want anyone to come and not have something to do because they probably won't come the next time nor do we want more dogs than the volunteers can handle.

Get Ready for 4th of July Fireworks!

During the Fourth of July more pets go missing than any other time of the year. Please, keep your pets safely inside. Here are some tips to help keep your pet calm. 


1.) Go for a long walk before celebrating. If you normally take your dog out for thirty minutes, take a two-hour hike instead! You want your dog to be completely exhausted. This way his brain will be so tired that he won't be able to concentrate on the fireworks.

2.) Turn on the radio, TV or even a fan. It is natural for dogs, cats and small animals to be afraid of loud noises. The sounds trigger their nervous system, and running away from the noise is a survival mechanism. If you can block the noise it may curb the "flight" response.

3.) Distract your dog. Once the fireworks go off, ask him to do some fun obedience behavior like shake, sit or down. This helps him focus on something other than the noise.

4.) Involve your dog's nose. Scents such as lavender or pine can help encourage your dog to relax.

5.) Stay calm. Don't feel sorry or frustrated. Don't blame the fireworks or the people setting them off. These negative emotions will just feed your dog's anxiety and it won't help the situation!

6.) Keep your dog on a leash. This will give you more control and help you prevent your dog from running off. And if your dog should slip out of the house this will make your pet easier to catch if he runs.

7.) Make sure your dog has I.D. If your dog does become lost, tags and microchips can get him back to you safely.

8.) Try a Thundershirt. You can purchase a Thundershirt or make your own by tying a t-shirt tightly around your pet as if you are giving him a hug.

Office Closed July 4 - 6

Rummage Drive Underway!

We are getting ready for our Fall Rummage Sale and we need your stuff now! Our volunteers are sorting and pricing and getting stuff ready. Please drop off your donations 

Tuesday and Friday 8:30 to 5:00 

Wednesday 10 to 5:00

Thursday 8:30 to noon 

Saturday 10 to 3 


Fresh Step Paw Points

If you use FreshStep Kitty Litter please save the points on the box for our kitties. We turn them in and get free toys for our shelter cats. 

Puppy Season = Newspaper

It's that time of year - yes puppy season! And we need newspaper desperately. If you can, please remove the circulars - that are not absorbent - we would really appreciate it. We also need volunteers to flatten out the paper so if you can swing by for an hours or so we would be grateful for that as well!



My name is Jules and my owner was moving somewhere that didn't allow dogs. I am house trained and walk well on a leash. I am great with kids and love for them to play fetch with me. I am very friendly and playful. I am about 2 years old and only 32 pounds! If you are interested in adopting Jules or any of our great cats and dogs please please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

pet adoption questionnaire >>

Don't forget we
recycle for cash!

Please bag up your aluminum and drop it by the office. Our own Mr. Roy crushes all the donated aluminum and bags it up for recycle. In 2014 he has crushed a whopping 3,341 pounds of aluminum and raised $2,461 — that aluminum means cash to buy supplies for the animals. We also recycle cell phones, old electric cords, Christmas lights, brass, copper, gold, silver and ink cartridges.


Finance pet treatment with Vetary and give back to our pet shelter!
Maddie's Fund

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helping to achieve a
no-kill nation #ThanksToMaddie.


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Science Diet

All pets adopted through
the Mobile SPCA recieve a
free bag of Science Diet Food.
Contact office for details.