The Mobile SPCA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to provide compassionate care, shelter, food, and medical attention to the animals entrusted to us while promoting adoptions, spay and neuter initiatives, responsible pet ownership and community education.

PetSmart Adoption and Supply Drive Saturday August 6

The PetSmart store on Airport Blvd. is sponsoring a supply drive for us to help us collect things we need and use at the shelter everyday - clay cat litter, Milk Bones dog biscuits, rope toys, USA rawhides, clip dog collars in all sizes, clip martingale collars in all sizes, Science Diet small bite dog food and Science Diet hairball control cat food. We will also be at PetSmart on both days from 10 am to 2 pm with dogs and cats ready for adoption.

Supply Wish List:

•   Clay kitty litter

•   Milkbone dog cookies - any size

•   Rope dog toys

•   Plastic cat balls

•   Bleach, washing powder, 409 Cleaner

•   Papertowels

•   New clip dog collars

•   USA rawhides
•   Clip martingale collars

Our "Ready for Adoption" Kitties Need New Beds!


Dr. Foster and Smith is having a sale on the Cozy Cushion® cat beds we need for our cats ready for adoption! They are only $14.99 each during the sale. We need a total of 30 beds to keep our kitties at PetSmart comfy and cozy while they wait to be chosen by their new families. If you can donate one or several we would be very appreciative! Please go to the Dr. Foster and Smith Cozy Cushion® for Cats sale page. Drs. Foster and Smith gift certificates are also available!  

Cozy Cushion® cat bed works like an electric blanket without the electricity! Patterned on the front, with coordinating solid fabric on the back, this pad features a core layer of thermo-reflective material that uses your cat's own body heat to warm the entire cushion - no cords or electricity costs! Tan Leopard color please. 

Have You Adopted From Us?

The Mobile SPCA follows up with the families who adopt our dogs and cats to make sure all is going well and help deal with any problems they may be having. We LOVE to get updates and photos on our Facebook page, not only because it helps our staff but because our friends and supporters enjoy seeing them as well.  

If you have adopted from us this year you recently received a "How is your new pet doing?" email with information about training, heartworms, fleas and a request for an update from you.  Our staff member, Jan Bailey, is now calling everyone that has not responded.  If you have not yet been contacted or posted yourself on our Facebook page or emailed or called in an update, would you take a moment and let us know how your new pet is doing? Please call 633-3531 or email Janine. If you post on Facebook your post will appear under "Visitor Posts". Thank you!

PetSmart Cat Cleaners Needed!

We need a couple dedicated volunteers to clean the cats at PetSmart on Monday and Thursday. You will spend 1 to 2 hours in the cat room getting our kitties clean and smelling sweet. It's not a hard job but its one that has to be done every Monday and Thursday. We place a lot of cats through PetSmart and could not do it without our dedicated band of cat cleaners! Please call Krisha at 599-2717,  email Krisha or call the office at 633-3531 if you can help. 


Store Keeper Needed

The Second Chance Resale Shop is looking for a temporary storekeeper for every other Friday from 10am-2:30pm. You need experience in handling money and a willingness to chat with our shoppers! If you are interested please fill out a volunteer application so we'll have your contact information. If you have filled out an application in the last couple years just email Peggy and let her know you are interested and we will pull up your old application.

Jewelry Drive 

Do you know what sells well in our Second Chance Resale Shop and the Giant Rummage Sale? JEWELRY - costume, real stuff, homemade, you name it! We can even sell your broken jewelry, single earrings and out of style stuff that you think no one wants. Please take some time to clean out your jewelry box/drawer while you are watching TV tonight and donate your discards to the Mobile SPCA. You can help the animals without even leaving your sofa!

Rummage Drive Underway!

We are getting ready for our Fall Rummage Sale and we need your stuff now! Our volunteers are sorting and pricing and getting stuff ready. Please drop off your donations 

Tuesday and Friday 8:30 to 5:00 

Wednesday 10 to 5:00

Thursday 8:30 to noon 

Saturday 10 to 3 

Saturday, August 27 is the last day for rummage donations. Furniture will be accepted Septmeber 27 through October 5.

Fresh Step Paw Points

If you use FreshStep Kitty Litter please save the points on the box for our kitties. We turn them in and get free toys for our shelter cats.

Puppy Season Means Newspaper

It's that time of year - yes puppy season! And we need newspaper desperately. If you can, please remove the circulars - that are not absorbent - we would really appreciate it. We also need volunteers to flatten out the paper so if you can swing by for an hours or so we would be grateful for that as well!



My name is Kumquat and my owner was no longer able to take care of me and the kids! I came to the Mobile SPCA with all 5 of my puppies. The little ones have moved up to Wisconsin and I am looking for my home now. I am the sweetest, most lovable dog!  I love to walk on a leash. I love lots of attention and will love you right back! I will be a great family dog. I am a basset hound mix - short and long. I am about 3 years old and 34 pounds of love! If you are interested in adopting Kumquat or any of our great cats and dogs please call (251) 633-3531 or complete the online

pet adoption questionnaire >>

Don't forget we
recycle for cash!

Please bag up your aluminum and drop it by the office. Our own Mr. Roy crushes all the donated aluminum and bags it up for recycle. In 2014 he has crushed a whopping 3,341 pounds of aluminum and raised $2,461 — that aluminum means cash to buy supplies for the animals. We also recycle cell phones, old electric cords, Christmas lights, brass, copper, gold, silver and ink cartridges.


Finance pet treatment with Vetary and give back to our pet shelter!
Maddie's Fund

Mobile SPCA is a
proud recipient of
funding from Maddie’s
Fund® (,
helping to achieve a
no-kill nation #ThanksToMaddie.


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Science Diet

All pets adopted through
the Mobile SPCA recieve a
free bag of Science Diet Food.
Contact office for details.